An incurable need or desire to travel. The story of my life, told in pieces. The things I choose to share that fall out of my head. The places I go, the wishes I want to make public. Here's to love.

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In other news…

At the meeting this past week, the fraternity motioned to unban me, now that I’m back to normal and feeling more stable.

The vote was unanimous; this past Friday I went home and rejoined everyone I missed so much while I was away.

It’s good to be back and it was good to see that I was missed, and that people are willing to forgive and forget. The ones that are angry are the ones I never cared about the opinion of anyways :-)


I always forget to just trust when it comes to him. This weekend was supposed to be a weekend away from each other. The plan was to show him that I could give him space and not get upset that he wasn’t with me for more than a week. To show I could trust him and prove that I could take the separation.

But Sunday, he still told me he wished I was there with him when he woke up, and I went over anyways, at his request. I love him to the moon and back :-)

Other highlights of the weekend included becoming much closer with a previously casual friend, seeing lots of old and new faces and racing them to down Scorpion bowls, and having my always adorable boyfriend cradle my head while he poured water down my throat, while I was trying to bite him, so I wouldn’t have too much of a hangover the next day.

He also got up the next morning and left me sleeping while he shoveled the car out and cleared the driveway. Being with him is teaching me to appreciate the little things, because when I stop and look at him close, I see what a perfect soul he is, through and through.

The Return

So this weekend, I ended up going back to my former home and the house that I am technically Queen of.

I was terrified before I arrived that someone would throw harsh words my way as soon as I entered, but none were spoken. those who hadn’t seen or spoken to me since my incident had genuine looks of happiness light up their faces when they saw me. They embraced me and told me stories that had happened since we were apart. They accepted me back in, and told me how happy they were to see me doing well again and being back to myself.

I couldn’t ask to have had more love and support in my life. I have a new story to write that isn’t in Lowell and I have new adventures to go on, bigger ones than ever before.

But I know that there are some boys who taught me that even the worst of us deserves forgiveness, when we truly do our best to change and grow from our mistakes.


Boyfriend (even though he’s still not technically my boyfriend) bought me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. We also drank mead, snuggled and then he did all my favorite things ;-)

He knows I haven’t been eating much, and he called me out on it. I told him that I was getting self conscious because I’ve been gaining weight pretty fast from the medication I’m taking. His response: “you are tiny, tiny TINY. Plus, anything that makes your ass bigger is fine by me”. Perfect response…not just the standard “you’re not fat” but something I can believe when he says it.

He takes away my insecurities and makes me feel beautiful all the time. And I love the crap out of him.

That’s all for now :-)

Oh, also: the flowers came not fully bloomed, and he was SO upset about it…the next morning, one of them had bloomed fully. He pointed at it and said “name that one”. I chose Reginald, then he said “guys, why can’t you all be more like Reginald? He’s a real go-getter”. I know this is random but I wanted to write it down because it was just so damn cute.